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Personalised Teddy Shopper
Personalised Teddy Shopper
Personalised Teddy Shopper
Personalised Teddy Shopper
Personalised Teddy Shopper
Personalised Teddy Shopper

Show love and affection for your mom with this handy teddy mom bag

Mothers… they are specialised in giving warmth, affection and love. Return the favour through this super soft mom bag. Or treat yourself with this super handy maxi bag wherein you can put all your essentials! This personalised teddy mom bag is perfect for any young mom, as the teddy tote bag fits all your baby stuff. Put in some diapers, a bib, an extra baby onesie, or a hooded baby towel and create the softest mom bag ever. This heart warming teddy shopper comes with a customised message embroidered on the front. Did you know giving a teddy mom bag is the grownup version of handing over a teddy bear?
  • Personalised, embroidered with a name or text
  • Soft teddy fabric, one-compartment bag for every (soon to be) mom
  • Perfect to store diapers, wet wipes and other essentials
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Also interesting to know about our teddy shopper:

Why choose an embroidered teddy shopper?

Put a name, an important date or your favourite quote on this teddy mom bag and add some sentimental value to this luxury tote bag. It also has practical values: you will recognise your teddy mom bag immediately everywhere you go. Prevent mix-ups with other people's bags in crowded places and ensure your belongings stay secure. To top it all, a personalised, embroidered teddy shopper guarantees a unique style!

Is a personalised mom bag a great present?

Be soft and give this heart warming teddy shopper to anyone who you know has a heart for style. This trendy mom bag is incredibly cute and will guarantee a smile on the receiver's face. This embroidered maxi bag is the perfect gift for any mom (to be), as this tote bag is completely child-friendly. You can even add this adorable teddy backpack to make the gift complete. That way mom and child will look fluffy together. Be cautious of the cuteness factor: it will make your heart melt!

What’s in my mom bag?

This teddy mom bag fits all your essentials. It’s up to you how you want to use this trendy maxi bag. You can use it for daily use, or simply put a towel and a drink bottle in it, and you transform this teddy shopper into a trendy gym bag. Use it for work or school, be stylish everywhere you go!

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