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Personalised Memo Cards
Personalised Memo Cards
Personalised Memo Cards
Personalised Memo Cards
Personalised Memo Cards
Personalised Memo Cards

Play along with your own personalised memo card game

In for a trip down memory lane with a personalised memo game? Add some extra joy by adding your own photos to these unique memo game cards. This deck of memory cards will guarantee happy moments and memories with your kids. Find all the matching pairs while playing this memory game and have fun! We created a design that brings even more happiness, add 14 photos, one photo per pair for a total amount of 28 cards. Download the game rules here.
  • Personalise with your own photos
  • Design that will make you and your kids smile
  • Brings joy and guarantees quality time


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Why a personalised deck of memo cards is the perfect present for family, friends and children

A personalised memo card game is the utmost ideal present. Why you may ask? Well, by adding your favourite photos or some gaming quotes you create a gift that is thoughtful and unique. The only problem is that such a cool deck of memo cards may be hard to give away, so make sure to create one you can keep for yourself!

I want to play more personalised card games

We know, personalised games and game cards are so much fun and even we can’t get enough. To sum up, you can order personalised Happy Families, Domino Cards and Playing Cards. We even have a Jigsaw Puzzle you can fully customise! Check out all our card games on this overview page. Let’s go, game night!

When in doubt what to buy, buy memo cards!

Memo cards are suitable for all ages, they can engage and entertain all your guests, even the youngest, at all your parties, events and gatherings. A personalised memory deck provides a fun and interactive activity, perfect for breaking the ice and encouraging social interaction. Furthermore, the memo game cards are a great way to bond as a family. Just pick up this personalised deck of memo and quality time is insured. Our cute designs will ensure a smile on the face of you and your kids. Did you know a game of memo also has educational properties? As the title ‘memo’(short for memory) suggests, these game cards train your memory. For kids it is an entertaining way to build thinking skills, concentration, attention and persistence. The big advantage of personalised memory cards is that you can include letters, numbers, shapes, or images that help with learning and cognitive development in an interactive way!

Spark your creativity by designing your very own memo cards

Designing a personalised deck of memory cards is a fun and enjoyable activity. Get the kids and pick your favourite family memories together. You can also design customised memo game cards with your company’s logo and branding elements. It is a unique way to promote your business. Personalised memory cards can serve as the perfect promotional material. Any other ideas? Be wild, the sky's the limit!

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