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Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board
Wooden Cutting Board

Chop it like it’s hot

Are you a true kitchen wizard or the ultimate dinner party host? This multifunctional Wooden Cutting Board will make you and your guests very happy! Engrave a quote or a name in the Rectangular of Round Cutting Board to turn it into the showpiece of your party! Now you can serve cheese, bread or fruit in the most unique way. Enjoy your meal!
  • A stylish present with a personal touch to put on display
  • Made from high quality solid beech wood or sustainable eco friendly bamboo
  • Perfect to serve tapas or cheese and make your guests smile

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36,5 20 cm

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Transform your cutting board into a tapas board

Did you know that a wooden cutting board is also a perfect tapas board? The natural beauty of the wood gives a rustic elegance to the presentation of your food. A popular and well-known choice is a cheese platter. You’re guaranteed to impress during an evening with friends or family! Want to know how to arrange your cheese platter? We’ll give you a few tips and tricks.
First of all, it is important to have a varied assortment of cheeses available. Make sure you have one or two variants of the following cheeses:
  • Hard cheeses; like a Gouda
  • Soft cheeses; like a Brie or Camembert
  • Fresh cheeses; like goat cheese or cheese with herbs
In addition to cheese it’s also important to have some other and different tastes added, something savoury like nuts or sweet like fruit. Adding some garnishes to your board is what makes it a platter. Consider the following toppings for a fabulous platter:
  • Fruits, grapes and strawberries but also dried fruits tend to be perfect
  • Something crunchy like nuts or crackers
  • Spreads, some honey and jams will create a nice balance between the different tastes
  • Top off with some fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary
once you have all your necessities it’s time to arrange your platter. Start with your cheeses first, lay them on the cutting board with enough space in between. Then, lay any fruits around them, try to keep a balance between colours and sizes around the plate. Next are the crackers and nuts, you’ll create the best-looking effect by scattering them randomly on the board. Lastly put some spreads and jams in little bowls, add them to the platter and top off with some herbs.
Amaze your guests by combining these elements and turning your wooden cutting board into a stunning centerpiece.

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